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Healthier Choice | MSG Replacement

Natural Flavour Enhancer

WEIPA means “The King of Taste”, is a Popular All-Purpose Chinese Food Seasoning in Japan used for enriching soups, fried rice and other stir-fried food dishes cooking. WEIPA has been regarded as Japan Consumer First Choice Food Seasoning product as seen in many TV shows, and it has been the No. 1 Top Brand in the Food Seasoning market. WEIPA products are now available in Malaysia & Singapore!

It’s All Natural Flavour Enhancer for Your Easier Cooking & Eat Healthier!

Fully Imported from Japan

No.1 Top Selling Brand in Food Seasoning

WEIPA has a history of more than 40 years in Japan. Almost every Osaka prefecture household has a jar of WEIPA at their home. WEIPA is considered an indispensable Food Seasoning in Japanese kitchens.

WEIPA is a Natural Flavour Enhancer that enrich the dish taste and is a far better food seasoning replacement to substitute for the no-so-healthy chicken essence MSG.   

A little bit of WEIPA being added when cooking any dish can dramatically turn the food into a delicious Chinese Cuisine, and even a person who doesn’t know how to cook can become a Michelin Chef!

WEIPA ingredients are all naturally sourced. It is a special recipe mainly made from pork bones (Non-Halal) and chicken bones. On top of that, some vegetables and natural spice seasonings are added. 

WEIPA All-Purpose Food Seasoning is well developed by mixing all these Natural Food Ingredients into the special recipe giving you An Easier Cooking Choice to Eat Healthier!

WEIPA - The King of Taste

WEIPA Natural Flavour Enhancer is The Japan Consumer First Choice Food Seasoning Brand among Japanese housewives.

Now Everyone Can Cook Like A Michelin Chef

Healthy Home Food, Restaurant Taste

WEIPA Original (Red)

WEIPA Original is a food seasoning made from fresh vegetables, chicken & pork extracts, and other spices for rich taste and aroma.

WEIPA Premium (Gold)

70% more pork & chicken extract; 6.5 times more vegetables than WEIPA Original; No chemical seasoning added- Kid Friendly Recipe!

WEIPA Seafood (Blue)

WEIPA Seafood is a food seasoning with rich seafood flavour extracted from shrimp, shrimp head, clams and crab.

WEIPA Vegan (Green)

WEIPA Vegan is a food seasoning made from 100% vegetables extracts and no artificial ingredients. Suitable for Vegetarian.


We just do what we do best and we are proud to have been recognised from our clients who have voted and shown their faith in our products.


WEIPA Products Now Available in Malaysia

Find out more about WEIPA Malaysia Authorized Retailer Stores that near to you or Buy Online on Our Official Webstore for door-step delivery services.

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