WEIPA Products

MSG Replacement

Natural Flavour Enhancer, Healthier Choice

WEIPA products are made from all natural ingredients that enrich the dish taste and is a far better food seasoning replacement to substitute for the no-so-healthy chicken essence MSG – Giving You An Easier Cooking Choice to Eat Healthier!

WEIPA Original (Red)

WEIPA Original is a food seasoning made from fresh vegetables, chicken & pork extracts, and other spices for rich taste and aroma. Healthy Home Food, Restaurant Taste!

WEIPA Premium (Gold)

WEIPA Premium is 70% more pork and chicken extract; 6.5 times more vegetables than WEIPA Original; No chemical seasoning added- Kid Friendly Recipe!

WEIPA Seafood (Blue)

WEIPA Seafood is a food seasoning with plenty of seafood flavor, including clams, kelp, oyster, based on fresh shrimp head extract.

WEIPA Vegan (Green)

WEIPA Vegan is a food seasoning made from 100% vegetables extracts and no artificial ingredients. Suitable for Vegetarian.

Now Everyone Can Cook Like A Michelin Chef

Easy Cooking, Tasty Food

To Make Soup

For making soup, you may put about 10g of WEIPA into a 600cc of boiling water with the side ingredients of your choice like mushroom, vegetables etc. You can add salt or black pepper if you prefer something strong.

For Stir Fried Dish

For stir-fried dish, you can add WEIPA with your ingredients of choices until it gets to the taste of your preference. It's easier to mix WEIPA and dissolve it into warm water first before stir-frying starts.

WEIPA Products Now Available in Malaysia

Find out more about WEIPA Malaysia Authorized Retailer Stores that near to you or Buy Online on Our Official Webstore for door-step delivery services.

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